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Geoff T
Solid little blade

An excellent, easy to use little blade. Doesn't take much lift to get it working and casts a mile. Because of my snaggy lake I removed the trebles and just put a double hook on the back, nailed this 74cm carp on the second cast.

Tony Hynds
Ultimate auslure reviewer

I have been using the Vibz now for about 5 years and by a long way they are the most consistent Bream catching vibe I have and I have got a lot different brands truss me . There the right size the colour range is great they cast well and they vibrator really good , my two favourite colours are Avenger and Nitro axe . I have had lots of days on the water with mates and will be out fishing them with Vibz to the point they will raid my supply to get in the game . There’s only one thing I do is down size the hooks a size but I do that to most of my lures to fool those crafty Bream
Keep the good work up Hurricane

Sean Horrigan
Redfin lollies

Black Magic- After an hour of nothing but peace and quiet on Saturday arvo, at a beautiful little lake in SE SA ,while kayaking, I decided to tie on my new Vibz 37 . There went my peace. Mayhem followed when my first cast got walloped by a 44cm Redfin, 2nd and 3rd casts by 40cm models and my 7th cast by a 39cm. What a great decision, one, to buy it and 2, tying it on. Absolute gem of a lure.

Brett Geddes
A deadly bream blade

Here's a fact - the Vibz 37 is now in my top 3 of "must have" bream lures. It's now essential I have them in my tackle box every trip - without fail. They have a unique tight vibe, a long lasting finish or paint job, tough hardware (splits and hooks) and their size is perfect. Gradually over the last 10 years I've seen a change in my most used lures and I think blades now account for about 70% of my bream captures. The Vibz 37 has caught me most of my biggest bream over the last 3 years. Including so many truck bream between 42 and 48cm. Also, the Vibz 37 is so successful at getting me my big scores and tallies of bream during my best sessions - and I mean 20 to 40 bream, sometimes even more during very hot bites! I often use a very specific technique when using Vibz 37's and I "tea bag" them straight up and down below my kayak. Most times in water 8 to 15ft deep but sometimes in just 3 or 4ft of water - right below me! (mostly in slightly coloured water - not clear). I'll be honest and at times I actually don't know how or why so many big bream take the Vibz in such shallow water below me - BUT THEY DO! I find that jigging this blade directly under me is super deadly. My fav patterns are the Black Magic, Phantom Apache and the Gippy Devil models.

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