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SPRAT 65 Pro Quality Swim Bait

Customer Reviews

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George Fisher
Top plastic soft plastic amazing results

My first use of the Sprat 65 in the mullet color resulted in me hooking a Jew over 1 meter plus on my third cast between a wharf & boat on a low tide ,unfortunately I was chasing bread & butter fish like bream, flathead & trevally on my 5lb at the time so the end result was I got rubbed off after 2mins of the battle ,anyhow they look so life like there highly recommended for any Estuary or bay fishing for pelagic etc........👌

Brett Geddes
Best plastic I've used in years

In 20 years I've used a lot of different soft plastics! When I first handled my new Sprat 65 lures out of the pack, I was astonished and nearly shocked. They actually "felt" like they would catch fish. A supple, silky smooth, life-like feel and best of all eyes that look fair dinkum real. Sprats have proven extremely robust and as tough (if not TOUGHER) as any plastic I've ever used. I've caught 15 fish or more, on the very same Sprat - many times now. Also, the eyes STAY IN THE LURE, unlike other plastics that can fall apart after hooking just a few fish. Over the last four months I've caught about 160 fish on the Sprat 65 - bream to 45cm and estuary perch to 48cm. A new technique feature I've discovered with the Sprats, is to use an extra light jig head and employ a super slow, lingering retrieve. In fact I've caught dozens of fish now, by "dead-sticking" the Sprat. They look so life-like and at times I leave the lure motionless. Deadly on cranky shut down bream and perch. I suspect the tail is so supple and pliable that it moves while a fish swims in close to inspect it. The best thing for me about the Sprat 65, I'm now super confident its a deadly lure that works. Belief and confidence means everything and now I never go fishing without them. Once again, good work Nordy - another lethal lure into the Hurricane stable.

Bream just love them

As an angler these lures look like they will catch fish. The hook guide makes them a breeze to rig on a jighead. Once you get them in the water the bream just climb all over them. I gentle lift, wind, lint, wind the next thing clunk and you are onto another bream.
My favourite colours are hatchet and motor oil but they all catch fish.

Morris Kelly
What a Lure

Been using SPRATs now for a few months . Cannot recommend these highly enough. Best 65mm Swim Bait I’ve ever used in 10 plus years. I’ve swapped over to the SPRATs and my catch rate has improved outa sight . Nordy you have nailed this Lure well done 🐟👍 Very Happy Fisho

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