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Stik 40 Blade Lures

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Brett Geddes
Stik it to em! A lethal lure on cranky bream.

I like to think the Stik 40 hard body is my secret weapon for fishing deep snags that hold big nasty bream. But the word is well and truly out now and I'm not alone. In fact I was probably a bit slow to discover the Stik 40 - I've got plenty in my lure collection now! I hate those sessions on the water where I've really struggled to hook cranky bream on bigger traditional bibbed lures. For whatever reason they just seem a bit shut down with lock jaw. BUT.....when I put a smaller, slow sinking Stik 40 on, they happily engulf it and even make multiple hits trying to eat it. This lethal lure has turned a crappy day into big rewards for me. I've now talked to many anglers that have used this mighty little hard body and they fully agree with me that it's one helluva under rated lure. Quite often with lure fishing across all species, it pays to downsize. Smaller targets - gets bigger results. I've caught a lot of bream to 46cm and perch to 52cm on this lure. Even without a bib, the Stik 40 has a deadly subtle "shimmy" as it drops through the water column. A slow drawn-out retrieve adds to its sly and cunning action that doesn't seem to spook bream that are at times irritated by larger and much more active lures. My fav colours are Lethal Prawn, Wasp Smig, Wizard and especially the pink Powder Prawn.

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